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I’ll have a side of Broccolini

March 13, 2016

In the vein of the delicious side order on so many restaurant menus, start by blanching 1 bunch broccolini in a big pot of very salty boiling water (think ocean, both in saltiness and room to swim) Read more…

Peas and Pods

March 15, 2015

Early spring in California. Peas, mint, and lamb.  I bought 1/2 pound shelled peas at the Santa Barbara Farmer’s Market, and another 1/4 pound peas still in their pods, which I shelled at home, saving Read more…

The Big Apple, My Little Grape

November 15, 2014

My daughter moved far away last month, and since I dropped her off at LAX, I keep thinking of her as a piece of fruit. A little grape, to be specific. I mean, the weekend Read more…

Haloumi and spicy chick pea salad

July 30, 2014

July 30, 2014. This time I am going for spicy, since haloumi is such a great foil for that. I’ve got spicy chick peas in the oven. I drained and rinsed 1 can of chick Read more…


May 9, 2014

I’ve been looking for you. Where have you been? Seat 21A. I like the window. Oh, so you mean you’re in Limbo. That’s one way of putting it. How’s the food in Limbo?

Crack Cauliflower

April 5, 2014

It’s everywhere. My mother. My daughter. They’ve been talking about a cauliflower mash they recently made. They text about it. At a Lilliputian shared-plate outpost in Providence, Rhode Island—curiously named North despite being located in Read more…


March 22, 2014

Okay, okay, I’m joining the droves and making a kale salad. Rubbed the 5 ounces of baby kale in the fridge with about 1/2 of a small (as a golf ball) chopped preserved lemon and let it macerate for Read more…


August 21, 2012

This is an obligatory post. How could I possibly let an August in the Northeast go by without commenting on tomatoes? No, not beefsteak tomatoes. Are you crazy? I mean heirloom tomatoes. Vine-ripened heirloom tomatoes Read more…

Foraging Ferns

October 18, 2011

I’m told my posts make some readers laugh, but this is not so funny. My friend, Rio Helmi, a gifted photographer who has documented close to the entire experience of Balinese life, once captured a Read more…

Attention, This is a Special Hurricane Edition

August 28, 2011

Where have you been? You’re soaking wet. I went down to the farmer’s market at Union Square, then City Bakery. Check out this fresh savory, and these buckwheat greens. Oh, and I met Maury Rubin, Read more…

Egg Whites, Sugar, Chard

June 18, 2011

I’ve been asked to write more about vegetables, so here’s my recipe for Swiss chard. No that’s not the wrong photo. Hold your horses, I’m getting there. See. But first, a word about Parisian macarons, Read more…

Hot Eggplants and Clean Teeth

March 27, 2011

In the dark shadow of the tsunami, and the Fukushima reactors, and Tripoli, it just felt too trivial last week to post about food and cooking and eating. But funny enough I’m now reminded of Read more…