Posts from March 2011

Hot Eggplants and Clean Teeth

March 27, 2011

In the dark shadow of the tsunami, and the Fukushima reactors, and Tripoli, it just felt too trivial last week to post about food and cooking and eating. But funny enough I’m now reminded of Read more…

Quiet. Lentils.

March 10, 2011

Why are we whispering? It’s Nyepi, and we’re not supposed to light the stove. No flames today. No incense. No smoke. No offerings. No prayer. So we’re cheating. Yes. We are cheating. Strictly speaking no Read more…

Green Pancake Blues

March 4, 2011

So about Kue Dadar, those rolled pancakes I keep meaning to tell you about… Here’s me, on a (yet-again) hot day in Bali’s capital, negotiating a deal on ­­fixtures for my son’s new bathroom when Read more…