About Me

Hi. This is Karen Waddell, the voice behind Kitchen in Surgency. I’m from New York City. It’s pretty obvious if you meet me.

My father owned the Waddell Gallery and my mom thought it was a crime to hire a caterer, so I was her sous-chef at six. We cooked for openings, collectors, artists, UN delegates, dancers, restaurateurs, chefs, conductors, composers, bankers,  lawyers, civil rights activists, judges, charitable organizations. Once in a while we even just cooked for ourselves. I got a few TV dinners in between, but I had to beg for them.

In college I was the roommate that cooked for everyone. This was in Southern California. The Tostada Years.

Then I thought I was going to Asia for a gap year, but I met a cute Balinese guy, and next thing I knew it took our five restaurants to pay for college. I don’t live there anymore, but that’s why I can cook a mean bowl of curry.

I wrote a poem about a caterpillar when I was six, and I’ve been writing ever since. I may even finish that damn novel. The good folks at The Writers Studio in New York City have helped me a lot.

Thanks for reading.