Posts from May 2011

Thinny French, Fatty Onions

May 29, 2011

It boggles my mind that the only seriously clinically obese people on this (ninety-four-row, can you believe it?) Airbus 380 going from Paris to New York are Americans. How do the French do it? They Read more…


May 24, 2011

How’s this for timing? Gusky’s and my flights from opposite ends of the globe arrive in Paris half an hour apart, we catch a train two hours later, we arrive on time in Angouleme, our Read more…

Brooklyn, Years Later

May 13, 2011

Few things suck less than cooking with my friend Luca, with whom I got up to all sorts of no good when we were twelve, and didn’t need Facebook and its almost disorienting re-ranking of Read more…